Who stabbed me?


Hi to the two or three people who read this. LOL j/k 😉

I had surgery to remove my gallbladder this morning, and it went well. However, the recovery is killing me! It seriously feels like someone stabbed me there. Everything hurts. And of course the Vicodin they prescribed me (good stuff, those drugs) gives me dry mouth in addition to the scratchy throat the breathing tube gave me.

Oh and apparently anesthesia leaves an awful aftertaste even when you drink water. What a fun experience!

Luckily I have a great husband who’s willing to wait on me hand and foot while taking care of our 14 month old as well. I love that goof. ❤

If I get pictures taken I’ll post those projects I mentioned in my last post. Right now I’m going to eat and nap!



Coming soon!


I already completed a couple things I haven’t posted yet. I organized under our kitchen sink and created a magnetic makeup board that everyone’s doing. I haven’t gotten my makeup magnetized yet though! So I’ll post some pictures of those soon.

Also Wednesday I go in to have my gallbladder removed. Fun! The next day I have an appointment to discuss a mass on my liver which I’m sure is nothing. We’ll see!

The kiddos are getting bigger and smarter everyday. It’s crazy how kids grow up so fast! I’ll post again with an update on the little ones.

Til then!


My Command Center




That’s my command center. Thanks to Thirty One Gifts for the amazing hanging organizer! It includes my calendar (I think it was $1 at Walmart), an awesome Daily Docket from Confessions of a Recovering Chocoholic (sign up for her newsletter for this and more free printables!), a chore list for my son, a honey-do list, a grocery list and places for incoming/outgoing mail and items to be read ASAP and later.

I’ll definitely update it as our needs change. I think this will work for now. I’m loving the free printables I find on the blogs I read!

I almost forgot! The organizer is hanging on Command hooks. And FYI – I’m not affiliated with any of these products. I just like them! 🙂




Welcome all to my blog! I have repeatedly been told I share too much on Facebook. For those who no longer wish to hear about those things, I’ll post them here! Photos of my family and kids, experiences I have, medical emergencies or situations. All of that will be here, and more!

Also I’ll link up to all the amazing blogs I follow and pull inspiration from. I might show DIY projects or recipes I found on those blogs and my attempts at them!

Please keep checking back to see what I post. And check out all the amazing blogs I share. The ladies are all very talented, funny and worth a read!